Disney wastes no time welcoming Avatar, The Simpsons and Deadpool

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is welcoming its new franchises under its banner — quite literally.

Following the late Tuesday, Disney made an immediate update to its .

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The site shows off a new banner featuring Disney stalwarts , , and , alongside Fox properties , , , and more.

While the Disney school bus, some aren’t quite as chipper. The transition could see potential X-Men films developed by Fox lost by the wayside, including an X-23 spinoff of the successful -starring , according to . On top of that, an expected loss of 4,000 jobs to result from the merger.

Yet things aren’t so blue for James Cameron’s , which has in the works, , with Avatar 2 set to arrive Dec. 18, 2020. Meanwhile, 온라인바카라 Fox renewed The Simpsons , bringing its impressive run up to seasons 31 and 32.

Deadpool, which saw two R-rated films and a PG-rated version of under Fox, could see its adult brand continue for a Deadpool 3. Disney CEO Bob Iger is open to , saying there would be an “opportunity for an R-rated Marvel brand as long as we let audiences know what’s coming.”

As for Fox’s feelings about the merger, see the company’s new sizzle reel posted to YouTube Wednesday night.